pratica di consapevolezza
(incontri di meditazione con Alberto Cortese)
mindfulness practice
(meetings of meditation with Alberto Cortese)
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Il grande discorso sui fondamenti
della presenza mentale
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La ricerca dell‘illuminazione
The Quest for Enlightenment
La contemplazione della mente
The Contemplation of the Mind
Nessun paracadute, nessun terreno
No Parachute, No Ground
Natura dei fenomeni, cause della sofferenza
I sette fattori dell'illuminazione / liberazione
Pratica di metta

The Quest for Enlightenment
Would there be any quest for enlightentment if it weren’t for our sense of time? Time is created by thought, memory and imagination: what I was, what I am, what I will be. Forever feeling insufficient and lacking, we want to become whole and complete in the future. We will submit to any spiritual path to overcome our hindrances in the course of time. Then, we imagine hopefully, there will come the day when we will experience enlightenment, the liberation from bondage that has been promised to us by the traditions of the past.

I don't think in terms of having experiences any more. Things just happen. Rain is dripping softly. The heart is beating. There is breathing, in-out-in-out-in-out. There is quiet listening, openess . . . emptiness . . . nothing . . .

Enlightenment? How lethal it is to attach to a label. At the moment of labelling, aliveness freezes into a concept. “My enlightenment experience!” To be alive, fully alive, means flowing without hindrance – a vulnerable flow of aliveness with no resistance. Without any sense of passing time. Without needing to think about “myself” – what I am, what I will be. Our experience mongering is a form of resistance in time.

Our craving for experiences is a resistance to simply being here, now. It’s the hum of the airplane. The fog. The wind blowing gently, the rain dripping, breathing, humming, pulsating, opening, closing, nothing at all . . .

It’s such a relief to realize we don’t have to be anything.

(Tony Packer, The Light of Discovery)